“I thought I had my life mapped out, but then I remembered what my non linear equations professor once told me: always account for variable change…”

As we all do, I made promises to myself for this new year. I tried my best to keep them manageable, nothing too lofty, but one that I was dead serious about was writing more. I began to believe something vital was missing from not doing so, and after keeping a journal for some time now, I was right. Writing is the outlet I needed, especially to compliment my photography, which I also began to lack in.

I suppose that was an informal introduction to this new medium of mine, one with no likes or comments. I just put things here and leave them be. Nothing sounds better to me.

Most of the time, I will be sharing images. However, the occasional thought may be present as well. Being a philosophy major causes one to read a copious amount of material about a plethora of topics on both sides of the proverbial fence, and working them out publicly seems to be a good way to find the answers I need, if there are any at all.

In addition, I feel as though expressing my thoughts publicly may help someone somewhere with something. It may put an idea in their head, and I may never know what will become of that, but to me that’s the best part.

This journey will be long, but it won’t be boring. The only thing guaranteed is change.

breanna steer donovan williams



breanna steer by donovan williams // makeup by czarcosmetics // styling by rasharie via shop kays //